Introducing new attractions in Nakijin Village!

The ruins of Nakijin Castle, a World Heritage site that once served as the royal residence for the king of the north part of Okinawa's main island, and Kouri Bridge, one of the most popular driving destinations in Okinawa which leads to Kouri Island are both amazing destinations in Nakijin! However, these well-known locations alone are not enough to satisfy frequent travelers to Okinawa, so we will also introduce you to rare local experiences. We will take you to the secret spots in the village that are known only with the local expertise of the Nakijin Village Tourist Association.

Standard sightseeing spots in Nakijin Village

Kouri Island
The island is commonly known as the "Island of Love" where the legend of the Okinawan version of the legend of Adam and Eve is set. Crossing the 1960-meter-long Kouri Bridge, you will be greeted by the sparkling blue ocean so unique to Okinawa. Tiinuhama Beach, with its heart-shaped rocks, and Tokei Beach, with its "pothole" rocks with holes in them, are both well-known and iconic locations on the island.
Ruins of Nakijin Castle
You'll undoubtedly understand why the king chose this location for his castle once you see the dynamic view of the ocean with the mountains in the distance. By exploring this location, you can feel the exciting history from the neatly piled-up walls and the worship area that all tell the story of the people of the past. During the cherry blossom season, which begins in late January, the cherry blossoms are stunning and it is beautifully lit at night.

New Sightseeing Plans

Introducing new sightseeing plans featuring off the beaten track destinations!


Let's explore the secrets of Nakijin on a E-bike guided tour!

This tour is designed for cyclists to ride on an electrically assisted bicycles accompanied by a knowledgeable guide to see Nakijin's lesser-known sights. You can experience the nature and culture of Nakijin through places you would not know to visit without a guide, places where Japanese Morning Dramas were filmed, and villages lined with Fukugi trees that will make you feel as if you traveled back in time.
  • Shirahama Beach

    As its name literally meaning "white beach" suggests, this is a secluded beach made of white sand. Nakijin has been used as a filming location for numerous dramas and TV commercials because it is still secluded, as it is not well known that there are numerous secret beaches like this around the area.

  • Imadomari Village

    This area flourished as the castle town of Nakijin Castle. In 2019, the entire village was selected to be preserved as an Important Cultural Landscape, registered as the "Nakijin Village Imadomari Fukugi Yashiki Forest and Village Landscape."

  • Ryugan no ki

    "Noro" refers to the female priestesses that the king appointed to pray for the nation. Even today, the Noro House, which is still in charge of the village festivals and rituals today, is a spiritual place.

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Tour with local fishermen! "Uminchu" Experience Tour

This is a limited-time tour hosted on a boat owned by a young Nakijin fisherman. You can enjoy the famed Kouri Island area and the Haneji Inland Sea. The skilled fisherman will go free diving, and might even let you try some of the fish and shellfish they catch. After observing the professionals at work, everyone will go fishing together. You will learn more about the fish of Okinawa from the fishermen while they gently show you how to fish!
  • Fishermen's Free Diving

    Fishermen in Okinawa are referred to as "Uminchu." Typically, they go fishing at night only, but on this tour, they'll demonstrate free diving using a speargun. Cheer them on to help them bring in a great catch!

  • Easy Fishing Experience

    Experience fishing in the beautiful sea around Nakijin by boat. This program is popular among children, and the fishermen will kindly teach them how to put bait on the hook as well as the names of the fish, making the experience fun and satisfying!

  • View Nakijin from the sea

    The views of Warumi Bridge and the Kouri Bridge are different than from on land. The gradient of blue and the clear waters can be seen up close from the fisherman's boat, especially on clear days. Have this stunning view all to yourself!

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